The treatment your skin will thank you for

In this day and age, everyone has an increased awareness of their well-being – with the pursuit to take better care of ourselves both mentally and physically. But while being on the path to becoming the best possible version of themselves, many fail to respect their largest organ... their skin!

Your skin needs just as much looking after as the rest of your major organs, and to ensure you stay looking your best for the longest amount of time possible, you need to start looking after your skin pronto. Like, now.

To take the hard work out of scheduling in time to give your skin a little TLC, Caci clinic has developed their revolutionary new Skin Health Plan. The plan is tailored to suit you perfectly, by booking in a schedule of skin correcting treatments to help you achieve fresh, bright, healthy looking skin for only $25 a week. (Um, pretty sure we spend more on coffees every week…).

One of the core treatments included in your Caci Skin Health Plan is their Sonophoresis Infusion treatment, which uses sound waves to infuse product into the dermis of the skin, so products topically applied can work more effectively. This little miracle worker helps in hydrating the skin, reducing redness, and stimulating collagen to keep you looking youthful and fresh. 

Beauty Ed’s note: I gave this skin saving treatment a whirl and was amazed at the result. My friends and family all commented on how much my skin glowed in the days following my treatment. The whole process was SO relaxing I even fell asleep!

By joining Caci's Skin Health Plan you will receive:

  • 15 skin conditioning treatments tailored to your skin each year
  • One Ki sunscreen SPF 30+ each year

As well as members benefits which include:

  • Two complimentary treatments from their rewards menu each year
  • 20% off beauty therapy treatments
  • 10% of Ki skincare products

With all of this sounding better and better by the second, who wouldn't want to get started right away?!

For more information about this amazing plan, call your nearest Caci clinic and book a consultation, or head here for more.