Tabatha Coffey's business secrets to success

She's known for giving small businesses a shake up, with her 'no holds barred' approach to business. But this year, renowned businesswoman Tabatha Coffey is taking over an inaugural celebration of The Collective, a first-of-its-kind, two-day event filled with education, fashion and all things hair. 

Looking to both local and international artists to complete the stellar lineup, The Collective will be transforming Auckland's The Cloud from Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th May. 

Produced by the clever heads at L'Oreal Professionel, The Collective sought out 25 of the best stylists to bring this never-before-seen vision to life. 

Tabatha is one of the experts judging the industry's most prestigious event - the Fashion Hair Awards, which extends to Salon of the Year, Hairstylist of the Year, Editorial Award, Men's Image Award, and Young Talent Award. 

Remix beauty editor Ashleigh Cometti chatted with Tabatha ahead of the glittering affair to find out her top tips on how to build a successful business, her trend predictions for the coming season, and what she'll be looking for during the Fashion Hard Awards judging. 

Tabatha! We’re so looking forward to seeing you work your magic at The Collective next weekend. What are you most looking forward to about this inaugural event?

Firstly I am so excited to be in NZ again, It’s been way too long since my last visit. Anytime I can be with a group of hairdressers to learn, celebrate, inspire and share our experiences and passion for  this industry is what I love. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone, answering questions and sharing business tips in my class and celebrating the amazing talent at the awards evening.

You’re famous for your ‘no holds barred’ approach to business. What barriers do you feel still exist for the modern day #girlboss?

As we have seen with movement’s like #metoo,  women’s marches and women discussing and refusing lower pay grades than to men,  there are definitely still barriers but the light is being shone upon them. Women that may not have felt empowered are starting to, keeping silent is no longer an option and for many woman they are starting to realize and value their worth. As women we need to also lift our own barriers of feeling like we can’t be honest and forthright because we are labelled a “bitch”, redefine what success looks like to us as individuals, and support other women in business, by being mentors, trailblazers and supporters of each other.

Your self-titled TV show is known for aiding small businesses in the hair industry create their own rags to riches story. What salon were you most proud of when it came to turning their business around?

There are so many success stories from my show and I am still in contact with and see many of the business owners. I am very proud of the success that they have had and I am honoured that I could be part of their journeys. Many of the owners have gone on to open multiple businesses, start product lines, become educators, work with celebrities, keep their doors open and their businesses thriving. We all need a little help, guidance, coaching and honesty sometimes,  and the owners that really stepped up and took it on-board have broken through their own barriers to thrive.

What female businesswoman inspires you?

Madame CJ Walker was the first self-made millionaires in the US, she started her own beauty and haircare line in the 1900’s. She was and is a role model not only for her business savvy but for her philanthropy and activism and strength.

You’ve tackled the hair industry, and now the entertainment industry. What do you have sights set on conquering next?

Well, hopefully more of the same! I am blessed and grateful for the job I have, working in the professional beauty industry and helping small businesses on my TV show. My passion is helping people curate and transform their lives which I do daily in my coaching business. It’s a privilege to help people realize and reach their  potential, and help them navigate the roadblocks that keep them stuck.

Now, back to hair! What colour or styling trends do you predict will be massive in Australasia over the cooler months?

I love that the hair trends at the moment are all about individuality, and not being dictated to. Colour is still huge which I love and a great way to express yourself whether it’s the beautiful muted pastels and opalizing technique or the fiery vibrant chestnuts and reds. The other big trend is accessory’s pins, headbands, scarves to complete a look add to it . Trends for fall went from smooth and sleek to wild and windblown but colour and accessories reigned supreme.

What skills will you be looking for when judging the Fashion Hair Awards at The Collective?

I look at the collection as a whole, is it striking, inspiring and does it have a wow factor.  I look at is it original and innovative and does it show a broad array of diversity, skill and technical excellence. And lastly, how will this inspire other professionals out there

How will winning this prestigious award change the life of the winner?

Anyone that enters the awards has already won in my opinion. It can be scary to put yourself and your work out there for critique and just to enter shows your dedication, passion and commitment to your craft. Obviously winning is the cherry on top, it validates ,the hard work you have put in, it is a great confidence boost, and it’s recognition to yourself and others of the hard work, dedication and skill you have for your career.  It’s also inspiring to all of those that want to achieve the same level of success and recognition.

Have you ever had someone have a ‘fan girl moment’ when meeting you? What’s the funniest thing you’ve had happen in a meet and greet?

I have had many fangirl and fanboy moments, and I appreciate them all. I guess the funniest ones for me have been when it’s a celebrity I admire and fan girl on and they are doing the same to me. It’s always incredibly surreal that they watch and love my show, and know who I am.

From demonstrating upcoming fashion trends, and sharing business savvy, The Collective is one trade event not to be missed. 

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