Here’s how to make laser hair removal affordable...

We’ve discovered laser hair removal that won’t break the bank...

Every time I sit in the chair at the hairdressers they’ve proclaimed some adaptation of “wow, you’re hair is soooo thick, you’re so lucky”, or in a particularly memorable instance; “it’s like a horses mane”. As a proud and longstanding owner of a horse, I am still unsure whether the comparison to those wirey strands was a compliment, or MAREly a comparison to the follicle size, but anyway. While the appearance of superfluous strands of hair on the head has become something to be celebrated, that is the only place (eyebrows and lashes excluded) that such compliments are usually paid.


Body hair is a different kettle of fish altogether, and our relentless quest to remove it has also resulted in the birth of multiple ways of doing so. Shaving is an endless battle… and when you’re not shaving you’re complaining about needing to shave. Waxing puts you in a constant state of dreading something (it also requires an awkward week of growth which defeats the hairless point, no?) and I’m not even going to go into those weird plucking apparatuses because I would rather light my hairs on fire in an attempt to irradicate them than put those things anywhere near my body. 


But through all the noise there has emerged a treatment that seems to outshine all the rest. Laser hair removal, the mythical answer to our hairless prayers that was once reserved for celebrities, has now become more accessible than ever. And, although this is great for people wanting semi-permanent results, it also gives way to a lot of cheap ‘back door’ establishments, that can put your skin health and hygiene at risk. 


But luckily for you, we’ve found the answer… a place that offers expert service and top technicians and equipment all at an affordable price. Because from February 1st - March 15th Caci’s best and biggest special offer on hair removal is back, where you can treat two areas for the price of one when you sign up to their laser hair removal membership! 


That means you can remove unwanted hair for as little as $19 a week on Caci’s payment plan, it’s like having a gym membership, but for removing unwanted hair! 

It’s important to remember that laser hair removal is both a long term investment and that the results vary for everyone. Basically, it works by heating up hair follicles which, over time, will reduce growth. The laser targets hair pigment so the general rule is that the lighter the skin and darker the hair, the better the results. If I could time travel back to 2001 I’d be able to tell my younger self that, in fact, one day I’d be happy my legs looked like mayonnaise, and if you are a cactus, you’d be the ideal candidate. 


Read more about what to consider before getting under the laser here. And book your free consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate here.