Have you been applying blush wrong all this time?

Blush gives your makeup that extra bit of ‘oomph’, leaving you wondering what you did before you discovered the beauty of rosy cheeks.

We'd guess that most of us start from applying blush to the apples of our cheeks, however, the rise of ‘draping’ may be a better way to recreate Bella Hadid’s flawless chiseled look. ‘Draping’ is a technique invented by Gilbert Soliz, global makeup artist of Marc Jacobs beauty which consists of using blush as a contour.

Soliz shares with Elle – ‘where ever the brush hits first, is usually where you get the most payoff because that's where the most product is deposited’, so if you have naturally red cheeks, you may be adding too much warmth into that area.

To avoid this, start further back by the temples, as you would with bronzer and work inwards, creating a ‘slimmer, more lifted and defined effect’ Soliz adds.

Ultimately, there are no rights and wrongs in makeup application but this technique is definitely a game changer!